A Fistful of Dragons

103. A Day at the Races

Player Characters

  • The PACK seeks to make a name for itself at the Haka Na N’buso, a special dinosaur race through the environs of Port Nyanzaru.
  • Facing off against rival teams representing the Dominion-backed Peerless Scarred and anarchist Strychnine Syndicate, the PACK races through city streets, harbor waters, and the skies over the crowds.
  • At the finish line, a tie in the race leads to an epic duel between Mugen and a Strychnine Syndicate brute to settle which team should claim victory.
  • Emerging triumphant thanks to Mugen’s legendary dragonblade, the PACK basks in the love of the adoring crowds and accepts their prize from the Merchant Prince W’Kanga Otamu.


KarrdePhoenix KarrdePhoenix

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