A Fistful of Dragons

102. The Call of Starsong Tower

Player Characters

Episode Summary

Ronson Swan hires the crew to clear the gravity-defying ruins of a wizard’s tower once owned by Kurt Walker’s father Dorian. Starsong Tower has recently started broadcasting a strange, otherworldly signal causing nightmares and madness in the small frontier settlement of Nexus. Exploring the tower, they find the sole survivor of the adventuring party that tried to clear the dungeon previously who has been driven mad by a strange metallic-crystalline material called “ dragonshard” that has corrupted an altar beneath the tower proper. When this altar is reconsecrated and rebuilt, the call of this unnatural entity is silenced and peace in Nexus is restored.

From Kurt Walker:

Well things in Nexus certainly aren’t getting less interesting. Ronson came to us yesterday, now that he’s fully recovered, to ask a favor of us. Apparently there’s been quite the unrest among the townsfolk, literally. People not sleeping right, plagued with nightmares. Ronson himself told us he’s had them too. Visions of a large city, some kind of metropolis where darkness crept in to destroy it. It always ends with an earth-shattering quake erupting the burning depths of the ground and destroying the city. Then just one lone figure remains, standing in the darkness. And every night, he is standing a bit closer.

According to Ronson these dreams started coming right around the same time the old lighthouse on the north end of town – Starsong Tower – lit with a strange violet glow. Legends say Starsong was once a beacon of light, but it’s been dark ever since we reclaimed the continent. Until now that is.

We agreed to check out the tower. Ronson mentioned Dorian had ‘claimed’ it as his territory but there’s no sign of him there from what we’ve seen.
We entered through the tunnels into the base of the tower to discover a mammoth black crystalline spike rising up from the ground; a massive Dragonshard. The fierce violet light pierced up from it’s tip through the top of the tower. Wasn’t much time to investigate it at first, we weren’t alone.

Three people surrounded the pillar, all bowing down in reverence. One, a woman, stood upon our entrance, eyes crying black sludge. She looked harrowed and hollowed, like light of her humanity had been snuffed but no one bothered to tell her to die. We helped her out with that.

She spoke, but we knew it wouldn’t last, so we put them down quickly and with little casualty on our part. Turns out they were part of a group called the Bronze Lions, newcomers to town from what we heard.

In any case it was clear to me this place was cursed, corrupted by the power of the dragonshard and perhaps something else. A statue of a god stood on a wall, broken and oozing the same black mess as our late friends. Now I’m no cleric and far from a holy man, but it only felt right to fix it. Right move, turns out. Must have been imbued with some powerful magic one time or another because as soon as it was whole again it expelled whatever evil was plaguing the place.

Now that it’s clean, seems a good a place as any to make a base of operations. Most of the townsfolk seem wary of the place, and I’m keen to keep that big Dragonshard a secret long as I can…


KarrdePhoenix KarrdePhoenix

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