A Fistful of Dragons

104. The Mapmaker

The Mapmaker's Demise, Session 4 Recap

Player Characters

Episode Summary

On the trail of his missing father, Dorian Walker, Kurt and the PACK track him to Jordan Chadwick, a cartographer in Chult of some renown. At the mapmaker’s home they find Chadwick’s body hung from a rafter in the man’s workshop. From the available evidence the crew pieces together that Dorian commissioned a map to the mystical oracle of Orolunga but the map was never picked up. Heading to Port Nyanzaru’s Old City, the PACK uses an Explorer’s Society signet ring worn by Chadwick to enter a hidden vault. Guarded by tortured humanoids reduced to little more than guard dogs, Eshek the Seer was found deep underground in a cache of arcane relics, including the map to Orolunga. The strange soothsayer warns Walker that a villain named Malthraxus has her eye upon him…

From Kurt Walker:

Paid a visit to Jordan Chadwick, a cartographer living just outside of town. Ronson said that’s where dad was headed last time he left town. Not sure dad ever made it there, after what we found I hope he didn’t. Chadwick’s house was completely ransacked. Turned over from top to bottom. Whoever hit the place wanted something bad, bad enough to kill for it. Buckle found poor Chadwick hanging from the rafters in his workshop. Found no sign of the culprits, but after some digging we found what they might have been after. Chadwick was commissioned to draw a map by none other than Dorian Walker, a map that was never picked up but in fact was still stored in the Explorer Society vault in Old Town Port Nyanzaru. The signet ring we found on Chadwick should get us in…

After a few days’ travel we arrived at the Port once again and waste no time, heading straight into Old Town. We located the entrance to the vault, subtly placed but not quite hidden enough for a stealthy entry. I asked Buckle for a distraction and, well, he provided one with a swift punch to the face of a beggar across the street. Not quite the method I’d have chosen, but effective nonetheless. Unfortunately the lock wasn’t the only protection given to the vault. Three grotesque creatures, humans tortured and maimed into guard dogs, attacked us. I wish we could’ve helped those poor souls, but they gave us little choice. It was our lives or theirs. Maybe we did them a favor, putting them out of their misery.

We moved on quickly, descending down below the city on a moving platform. There, down in the vault, we found Eshek the Seer in possession of the map we sought. I expected we’d have to fight our way out of this vault for this map, so imagine my surprise when Eshek handed it to me freely. And even greater surprise when he told us what it was: a map to the ancient city of Orolunga, lost for ages in the jungles of Chult. Legends say it only appears on the full moon, in different locations each time. And this map will show us where. Eshek told us to take the map and seek the Guardian of Orolunga, but warned us of a Malthraxis, a dangerous foe who also seeks the map.

I’m sure this Malthraxis is behind the murder of Chadwick. Once she learns we have the map we’ll have targets on our backs. We best get to Orolunga by the next full moon.


KarrdePhoenix KarrdePhoenix

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