Kurt Walker

Human Spellslinger Relic Hunter


Master of Starsong Tower

Known Associates:

Known Enemies:

[In-character narration, read with western accent]

The Explorers Society (XS) was once on the forefront of discovery and innovation, supplying the Exile races with magical armaments in the wars with the Dominion. But since the discovery of Arkhosia, seems like they’re more concerned with maintaining their status through politics and bureaucracy than studying magic. With the discovery of the dragonshards in Arkhosia, some members of the XS pushed to launch exploratory missions into the continent to tame the wild magics of the land. My father, Dorian Walker, was the loudest of them. But the elder council rejected his proposal. Old windbags are skeptical of anything they don’t understand and even more so things they can’t control. So he said to here with them and went off to Arkhosia on his own. I agreed to stay behind as his contact at the XS. I would gather his research, keep him informed and run interference with the Council.

But after just a month, contact stopped completely. Another few weeks with no word and I started to worry. Then the Council summoned me. They said they knew what he’d done, and for disobeying a direct order from the Council, I was being cast out. I argued, but there was no point. To them Arkhosia is a threat. The dragonshards are a threat. Dissidence is a threat. And that means I’m a threat. So they want to make an example out of me? That’s just fine. They’re not wrong to be scared, the power in those crystals will change everything, disrupt the balance of power. I might be scared too, but the difference between them and me is I’m not gonna bury my head in the sand and hope it goes away. Those shards and god knows what other relics and magic from the Dragons are out there. So let em look away, just means more for me to find.

Potential Character Motivations:

  • Find out what happened to Dorian Walker, my father.
  • Stick it to the Elder Council of the XS
  • Establish my own arcane organization on Arkhosia, possibly named the XAS, to rival the XS
  • Collect ancient relics from the Age of Dragons
  • Map and explore Arkhosia, claiming its arcane bounty
  • Become the world’s foremost arcane expert on Arkhosia and it’s lore

What sorts of things will this character do during a jungle exploration?

Which of the other characters’ does your character trust, and why?

Why does your character want to stop the death curse?

Kurt Walker

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