Human Duelist Barbarian


Mugen, being in Steve’s (sorry, not sure of his character’s name) employ, is doing his best to conform to the whims of his charge. Mugen greatly values his personal freedom, but is willing to play along if it means guaranteed coin. After all, he is a man of vices, and knows well that you pay for what you get.

As such, he is likely to follow Steve’s broader plans, in terms of adventuring. As he gets more comfortable in his role as bodyguard, and subsequently, with his fellow adventurers, he may voice his opinion more. For now, he very much seems like a guy that is glad to be off his leash, at least to the degree that his job allows.

He’s likely to wander to seek his vices, but only when he’s assured that Steve is safe and sound, or, alternatively, if Steve wants to tag along.

Lastly, I think of Mugen as a guy walking the line between his desires and his responsibility. He wants to explore and adventure, but has a job to do. He wants to go wild in whichever settlement he finds himself in, but doesn’t want to cause a major scene, and appreciates discretion. This all seems quite new to him, and he’s still figuring out how to manage.


What sorts of things will this character do during a jungle exploration?

Which of the other characters’ does your character trust, and why?

Why does your character want to stop the death curse?


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