A Fistful of Dragons

101. Tomb of the Spearbearers

June 24, 1019 AE

Player Characters

Adventure Summary

Arcane relic hunter Kurt Walker and berserker Mugen arrive in Port Nyanzaru via airship. Chultan pathfinder Buckle leads them through the Chultan wilds to reach Nexus. En route they discover a tomb of the Spearbearers of Ubtao, an ancient order of holy warriors sworn to prevent Dendar the Night Serpent from swallowing the sun and ending the world. In the dungeon they find Batiri goblins, traps, and an incapacitated Ronson Swan, elder of Nexus.

From Kurt Walker:

Two days in Arkhosia, and already so much is different than back home. Almost everything I’ve heard is true. Dangerous, for sure. That I expected. Wild, untamed. More so than I thought. One of those things I guess you can’t truly appreciate until you see it for yourself. The jungles here are dense, thick with trees and vegetation all unlike I’ve seen before. Even the darkest forests back home pale in comparison to this. Along with the heat, it’s downright oppressive. But I digress…

There’s a city here, if you can call it that. Port Nyanzaru. The first city to cast off the shackles of the Dominion in a hundred years. An impressive feat for sure, but less mystical now that I’ve seen for myself just how remote the whole of Arkhosia is. The journey to get here is painfully long even by airship, which is the only reasonable way to get here with the surrounding sea teaming with violent creatures. Just like the rest of the continent.

I didn’t see much of the Port, I’m little interested in it beyond their ability to stay alive here. It’s the frontier I’m here for, that’s where the discoveries are to be made. I met what was to be my traveling party at the Port and we quickly headed off. Curious men, the both of them, but both already proven savvy and capable. I’m happy to have them both.

Buckle is a native, knows the dangers that lie in the trees here and how to navigate them. We made it most way through the jungle yesterday without trouble, and even then only found a bit of trouble when we went looking. Still, his warning that “this place will eat you alive” doesn’t seem like an exaggeration. He’s hard to read, but I get the sense he’s warming up to me already as he shared a piece of that not-quite-jerky he’s always gnawing on. Not usually my taste, but nothing a quick spell couldn’t fix. Plus his smell isn’t so bad once you get used to it.

The other, Mugen, is a bit easier on the nostrils. Perhaps only a bit. He’s strong, quiet, and seems altogether disinterested in Arkhosia. Maybe he’s just looking for a fresh start. Running from something. Or to something. Ever since casting out the Dominion, Exiles of all kinds – those who can afford it, anyway – have been trying to make their way here. Whatever his reasons, I intend to keep him close by if I can. He seems to be a dependable way to stay alive. And that curious sword of his has more than piqued my interest…

As unexplored as Arkhosia is, I shouldn’t be surprised that on that first journey we already found some small temple ruins. A handful of small goblins – Batiri, Buckle called them – had smashed their way in with a bugbear of considerable size. Dispatched the guards and the patrol before we found him luckily. Seemed they were up to some sort of magic. A summoning or a sacrifice of some kind. They had a victim, a human man of indistinct variety. We camped the night there.

Goblins were there now, but the temple is clearly orcish in nature. Frescos dotted the walls depicting legions of Orcs locked in battle with hordes of snake-like creatures. One larger than each stood above the many. Ubtao, the legendary Orc standing against the Dendar the Night Serpent when she returns to consume the sun. According to Buckle, this ancient legend is well known among his people.

Another day took us finally to Nexus, too late to take in much of the town. We took rooms at the Inn for now. Tomorrow I’ll what information Nexus has to offer. Perhaps that poor soul we found with the Goblins will wake soon…
Notes for future research:

Batiri Goblins

Apparently these were just of one tribe, the Ant Biters. Should seek out more for comparisons and collect a sample of their masks.

Buckle claims the Batiri form “battle stacks” when fighting, wherein they stand atop each other to fight. Would love to see this in person someday.


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