Dragonshards blight their surroundings, emitting a warping and destructive energy that prompts strange growths in living things and can even taint the land itself.


Player characters have Dragonblight scores to reflect the danger of being exposed to Dragonshards. The more exposure a character faces, the greater the mutation upon its body, until it is unrecognizable and becomes a voracious killing machine.

Starting Dragonblight

Most characters begin with Dragonblight 0.

Gaining Dragonblight

Your Dragonblight score might increase during the game, usually as a result of using a Dragonshard in a reckless manner, as determined by the GM or the rules. Examples include:

  • Regain a spent spell slot
  • Regain one daily use of a magic item or 1d4+2 charges
  • Add 1d6 force damage to any item it is infused with (think the Power Stone from Guardians of the Galaxy)
  • Visiting blighted lands.
  • Using certain relics.
  • Infusing a potion with a Dragonshard and drinking it.

As your Dragonblight score increases, you suffer increasingly unpleasant effects.

In addition, whenever you gain Dragonblight, roll a d20. If the number rolled is less than your new Dragonblight score, you gain a purely cosmetic mutation that makes you take on Draconic characteristics, and roll a d20 again and consult the Dragonblight Mutations table. If you would gain a mutation you already have, you instead gain a Trauma.


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