“As dragonshard prices soar, the village of Nexus has gone from boring to boomtown! To bad the crime organization known as the Horned Alliance just showed up to rain on everyone’s parade. Now might be a good time for some old school, frontier justice, partner.”

Nexus is a settlement located in northwestern Chult, which began to experience economic prosperity when the value of dragonshards sparked a mass migration of prospectors and mining enterprises. The town would have become one of the wealthiest settlements in Arkhosia if the Horned Alliance hadn’t arrived. The Horned Alliance began its take over by murdering the town’s peacekeeper; as a result, the Exiles sent Judge Kain to deal with them. The town was also a former home of the Crowe Family, who were exiled from the community for their wicked nature and joined the Horned Alliance with their Slush brewing operation.

Five Truths of Nexus

A Shining Beacon in the Dark. Though surrounded by jungle and the threats that lurk within it, the people of Nexus celebrate continually. They celebrate their lives, their friendships, and their love for the mysteries of the jungle. The great valley below Nexus often echoes with the music and the cheer coming from the small outpost that shines like a beacon in the dark. Though dinosaurs and undead are often attracted to the light and cheer, they soon learn the pain of the crossbow bolts, powerful magic, and impenetrable shields wielded by the residents of Nexus.

A Deep Love of Exploration. Residents of Nexus exist to explore the depths of the jungle and its endless dangers. The explorers are aware of the threats but don’t let them get in the way of their desire to uncover the mysteries of the ancient civilizations that lay within the jungle’s lost valleys. This philosophy fills all of the residents of Nexus including their children who are given much free reign to find their own wanderlust and face the dangers that lurk in the wilderness. Even terrible tragedies don’t dissuade the explorers from their desires to dig ever deeper.

Adventure in Every Corner. Every building, every stall, every corner of Nexus, the ruins of Shadowreach, and the jungle surrounding them are filled with opportunities to adventure. Mysterious artifacts, ancient frescoes, howling rifts descending into the unknown all permeate the depths of the jungle. Explorers of Nexus will spend their lives uncovering ever more mysteries within the lost reaches. Every ruin has a story to tell. Every locked chest contains a mystery to uncover. Adventure lies everywhere.

Peaceful Cooperation. Nexus has no set laws or organizational hierarchy and the residents prefer it that way. Instead, the tightly knit group of adventurers, explorers, and merchants take care of each other and push out threats to their peaceful existence. Merchants hire their own mercenaries to protect their interests, but those mercenaries are as likely to protect neighboring residents knowing those neighbors would do the same. The surrounding threats in the jungle keep the explorers bonded to one another. People of Nexus often entrust longtime residents who have proven themselves valuable to the community, known unofficially as “the elders”.

Surrounded by Mystery. The black spires of dragonshard in the jungle are a reminder of the mysterious power within its depths. No one knows where the spires came from or why. The coming of the spires sundered lairs, dens, crypts, temples, and entire cities within the jungle. They shattered the jungle like an egg, exposing cracks throughout it that lead to even greater mysteries below. Members of Nexus live with the strange spires all around them, unsure if the Dragonshard will awaken once again.

NPCs of Nexus

Nexus’s NPCs are a hearty and joyous lot. They enjoy their celebrations and the freedom of their work. They generally detest official hierarchy and defend themselves from the threats of the jungle. The following describes important members of Nexus.


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