The Six

“The Sixth Blade and its siblings were destined to transform the world… giving shape to the wielder’s desires… and every other living soul be damned.”

The Six, also known as “the Teeth of the Dragon” and “the Dragonblades of Legend,”

The First Blade

The First Blade strikes with the ungodly force of a lightning bolt.

The Second Blade

The second of The Six spreads the very flames of Armageddon.

The Third Blade

The Third Blade dissolves flesh and bone.

The Fourth Blade

The Fourth Blade calls up and commands the spirits of those it has slain.

The Fifth Blade

The Fifth Blade grants eternal youth and the ability to heal from even a fatal wound.

The Sixth Blade

The Sixth Blade speaks to its wielder, revealing the past and the future.

The Six

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